Remet Precision Investment Casting

Originally providing the core products of waxes, binders and refractories to the Precision Investment Casting industry, REMET has continued to aggressively expand its product offerings through extensive research & development and strategic relationships.

Today REMET offers a full Concept To Casting range of products addressing every phase of the precision investment casting process, including: Rapid Prototyping; Mold Releases; Thermal Blankets & Paper; Waxes; Binders; Refractory Grains & Flours; Pouring Cups & Filters; Pattern Washes; Crucibles & Ladle Liners; Hot Toppings & Slag Getters and Abrasives.
Remet Alcohol

REMET Alcohol serves key markets utilizing USP grade, Kosher Certified ethanols; specialty denatured alcohol (SDA) formulations & reagent grades approved by the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB); and isopropyl alcohol in their manufacturing processes.

Some of these markets include; food flavors; dyes; candy glazing; hair care; vinegar; deodorant; perfumes; mouthwashes; pharmaceuticals; and cleaning solutions.
Enhanced Wax Products
REMET's "Enhanced Wax Products" group of businesses combine years of REMET research & development with each divisions extensive marketing efforts. They service various industries with a comprehensive mix of standard & custom blended wax formulations. The wide range of markets serviced include: candle wax; cheese wax; gardening wax; emulsions; packaging wax; sealing wax; poultry wax; coatings; microcrystalline; paraffin wax; jewelry wax; sport wax; and other specialty waxes.

Under the La Luz brand, REMET has developed a fragrant line of candles for direct to consumer or wholesale sales and distribution.

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